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Crickmania, Crickmania Refer Earn, Crickmania Refer Earn Free PayTM Cash, Crickmania Referral Code- Are you looking for a simple way to make money through Paytm? You won’t find anything better than this. This is what you are looking for. We will discuss how to earn unlimited money from crickmania. Share the latest free Paytm cash earning trick through the website Crickmania.

Crick mania is a popular gaming website where people compete to get the most points by playing cricket. The game has now become mobile, and you can play it for free on the Clickmania official website.

Overall, Crick mania is a pretty fun game that is perfect for those looking for something new to do on their phone. It’s also great for earning extra money – refer your friends.

What Is Crickmania?

There is no app for Android or iOS that you can download for Crick mania, but you can play cricket and other games on this website.

As well as earning money from Crickmaina, you can also earn money by playing games on the site. On this website, you can play various games and take quizzes.

This site is different from other sites you might be familiar with. It is more common for me to write it as Cricmaina rather than Crick mania.

Sign Up on CrickMania and Get ₹20 Free PayTM Cash :


TrackMania is the ultimate cricket game. It offers an immersive cricketing experience with stunning graphics and realistic motion. But if you want to get the most out of it, you’ll need to sign up for a Crick Mania account.

1) Visit the Crickmaina website via the Offer Page.

2) The following page will be displayed now Crick mania website.

Crickmania Refer Earn

3) Select the update name option, then enter your name.

Crickmania Refer Earn Free PayTM Cash

4) Once you have entered your Paytm number, you will be prompted to link your wallet to your Crickmania account.

5) Once you click on the continue option at the bottom of the page, you will be asked to enter the city where you live.

Crickmania Referral Code

6) You will then be asked to enter your date of birth and click on continue.

crickmania download

7) Now that you have updated your DOB, you will have to select your gender by clicking the update DOB button.

crickmania paytm download

8) After that, you will be asked to enter your email address and verify your email address.

9) The amount of Rs 20 will now be credited to your Crickmania Refer earn wallet.

best paytm cash earning games

10) Now, you can also start referring your friends to earn more money from this site.

The Refer a Friend feature lets you refer your friends to CrickMania and earn rewards. When your friend signs up for a CrickMania account, you’ll receive 20 free PayTM Cash. Playing games can also earn you more PayTM Cash and complete challenges.

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So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a CrickMania account today, start playing the best cricket game, and start referring.

Crickmania Refer Earn Free Paytm Cash Terms:

1) As a registration bonus, users will receive a cash bonus of Rs 20.

2) When users play games, they receive free Paytm cash as a reward.

3) As a reward, customers will receive Rs 6 per referral.

4) Crickmania also has the option to change any of the above values at any time.

5) Once users have earned Rs 50 or more, they can transfer their money directly to their Paytm wallets.

How to Use Crickmaina Refer and Earn:

Crickmania is a popular game you can play on your phone or computer. In Crickmania, you try to earn as many points as possible by matching three or more balls of the same color. You can earn points by checking balls from the bonus pool, comparing bonus balls, or making combos.

You can cash in your points once you have earned enough in for rewards such as PayTM Cash or Google Play credit. Refer a friend and earn bonus points when they sign up and play.

1) If you want to earn Rs 30 by referring friends, copy your referral link and share it with five friends.

2) You will now receive Rs 30 plus Rs 20 as a signup bonus once you refer five friends.

3) When you have done this, you can withdraw Rs 50 directly into your Paytm wallet.

4) After that, you can try self refer using different browsers and accounts to earn unlimited money from this site.

If you’re interested in playing Crickmania, sign up now and start earning rewards!


Crickmania Loot is a new loot-based game that has just started hitting the Android and iOS app stores. The game lets you take on the role of a cricketer, and your objective is to collect as many wickets as possible by batting and bowling in the matches. You can also earn rewards by referring other players to join the game.

You can see how it works in this quick demo for those new to the game. In each match, you will be presented with different challenges that you need to complete in order to earn points. These challenges can be anything from batting efficiently to bowling well. After completing these challenges, you will be able to collect cricket gear and other rewards.

In order to succeed in earning, you need to game. Then you should definitely sign up for a free account and start referring players to join the fun. you will be get earn lots of rewards, like Paytm cash and gift cards.

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Some faqs about Click Mania Refer Earn Loot

 What is Crickmania Loot?

Clickmania Paytm Loot rewards users for playing Click Mania. Users can earn money by referring other people to the website. Clicking on Play and completing tasks can make money.

How do I join Crickmania Loot?

Sign up for Crickmania Loot first. Once users create an account, they can refer people to the site to earn money. Earn money right away with Crickmania Loot by referring users.

 How much money can I earn on Crickmania Loot?

On Crickmania Loot, users can earn rewards. Gift cards, Paytm cash, and more are available. Referrals and activity on the site determine how much a user can make in free Paytm money.

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